SpeakMantra is much more than just a language learning centre. It is more like a family where you enjoy the support and friendliness of teachers and fellow students.

7258+ Happy Student

90+ Awards

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SpeakMantra English Academy is a best spoken English class in Pune set up to provide excellent quality training of the English language. It enables learners from various backgrounds in personality development.

We are a known brand from a language learning center who understands the requirement and know the purposes of learning English and using effectively. Our proficiently trained professor helps in learning the language and developing the skill. We teach people of all ages from different sectors like retail, banking, sales, eCommerce, and help to overcome from communication gap.

At SpeakMantra, we ensure that excellent quality training is given, which imparts to all the learners, and their ultimate purpose gets fulfilled. We offer a wide range of language learning programs in spoken English to cater to the learners differently as per their needs.

SpeakMantra is known as the english speaking classes in pune, as the professors are fluent, professional, and experts with extensive English knowledge and helps to learn quickly. With an experience of 10 years, SpeakMantra is a dream that came true with a passion for the English. We have an unrelenting commitment to maintain and improve the quality of our courses to ensure the best. This dedication of quality service makes our course highly effective. At SpeakMantra, learning English is fun.

English Learning Institute - Speakmantra English Academy

Why Choose Us?

Innovative English Language Learning Program by Speakmantra English Academy
To create an innovative English language learning program that is easily understandable, affordable, and reachable worldwide.
Vision - Speakmantra English Academy
To make sure that English language turns into strength of the Indians not a weakness.
Values of Speakmantra English Academy
Determination | Honesty | Authenticity | Integrity | Devotion | Socialism We promise these values in every bit of the SpeakMantra experience.


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