Methods that make Learning English-Fun

Methods that make Learning English-Fun

English is a worldwide language and is the official language in many countries.  It is commonly used in the business purposes, technical and the scientific world. I believe best methods is to learn English is by intuition. Intuition means the act of being involved or merged totally in a situation into it and in this case the act of learning English. To do this you need to adapt, feel, think and consider it your mother language. It is not just learning vocabulary and grammar. The most vital part of learning is to communicate with others in spoken English whether this is on a common level or on a business level.  If you can live with a family or an English speaking household this is a great place to start.  Intuition helps you learn English naturally with life real life situation. English learning in intuition way help you build your compassion and confidence as it expands your vocabulary and gives you a better understanding of the English culture.

Methods Which will help you to grow your speaking:-

Learning games

Watching sports/games matches with English commentary like cricket, football, baseball etc. Exception using English sub-titles”.  Select a sport which grabs your interests and zeal,  and you know what! you will enjoy watching.

Reading Books

Start by reading books, newspapers, novels, article reading that are found on the Internet. Start with basic which help you to build your confidence and passion toward speaking. These can be on any subject or issue, which are of interest to you.  Try and read daily.  There are many free articles on the Internet from which you can practice and learn.


Watch television and listen to English speaking radio’s.  This will benefit you to listen-how English is spoken and the intonation in the voices of the actors, actresses, and broadcasters. This can be one of the best methods to observe there speaking accents.

 Watching Movies

Watching movies are in English and this will help you to learn different accents. Different countries have different accents.  You can buy DVDs, tape, watch online, hit YouTube, Netflix watch different online Serials i.e. Game of Thrones, Suits, flash etc. and many more ways where secondary source are available.

Dictionary Reading/learning

Purchase an English dictionary must be latest which gives the meanings together with how the words are pronounced their synonyms, summary.  Also, buy a phrase book as it helps in sentence structure and is very useful in day-to-day activities.


Download English speaking application on a mobile phone for learning spoken English which can provide you best source of self-learning.

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We build an amazing interest and an open-mindedness towards learning English as a primary language helps to present it as a task on a real-life basis.  We believe that it will improve competency and are given the chance to express themselves and engage creatively with the language in an intuitive way.

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