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Companies which fail are those that view training as a cost rather than an investment. Our research has shown that training reduces attrition, increases productivity and actually boosts profit for an organisation. Over 50% of companies have stated a lack of English and communication skills training affected their expansion plans.

Why is Proper English/Communication important?

It is essential for a company to establish effective communication practices in order to foster powerful business relationships. Research showed that the majority of companies consider proper communication ability more valuable than a graduate’s credentials. It was also revealed that 75% of companies consider excellent communication skills as their hiring precondition.

Effective communication skills are essential for completing any assigned task and when multiple departments or employees collaborate to accomplish an important task, the value of communication skills increases exponentially. However, there are several instances of poor communication at the workplace that can strain the overall productivity of the company.

Implementation of Corporate Training programs can aid in identifying and resolving communication issues amongst employees. Corporate communication skills influence the interest of employees. English forms the core of all communication practices, whether written or oral and hence it is important for companies to undertake efficient English communication training in order to create a highly interactive and open work environment that encourages creativity and productivity.

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