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The key to the success of the English language is the relative ease with which it can be learnt and spoken. English uses the simple and universal Latin alphabet with a flexible grammatical system. One out of seven people human beings use English in some way or other, making it the most uniformly spread language most likely to take on the role of the global language. In India, English serves as the link language for administration and instruction in the public domain, complementing the reach of all local languages. Here are some examples of how a sound knowledge of the English language can go a long way in helping access and circulate useful information:

  • English is the most widely spoken second language and the third largest natively spoken language in the world. It is the official language of 70 countries responsible for 40% of the world’s GNP.
  • It is a prerequisite for most high-profile jobs and business communication.
  • In a world that runs almost entirely on computers, eighty percent of all text is stored in English, including a billion or more pages from the web. Any software with a global edge is documented in English, making it software’s only universal language.
  • With most technology being developed using English instruction, it has been playing a significant role in important industries such as engineering and medicine.
  • It is the dominant language of world media. English-language magazines and newspapers are available in every part of the world and sixty percent of all radio stations are aired in English.
  • English is the common language of education, understood by most academics and scholars. Half of the world’s books are published in English and over 90 percent of science articles are covered in English.
  • English possesses the largest vocabulary of all languages, with about two million words. Speak your mind to the world, enable excellence and growth in your career and ensure your access to information by enrolling with Spoken English Classes in Pune.

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